Activities at Saddles Riding Centre



Pony days each Tuesday and Thursday through the holidays, 8/4, 11/4, 16/4, 18/4
Very popular with all the kids of all levels. A great chance for them to learn and apply how to look after ponies on a day to day basis. The day includes a group ride in the arena and a group ride in the woods. 
9.30am - 4.30pm £45

2019 Beach rides 04/19, 06/19, 08/19, 10/19, 12/19 Camber sands £50

2019 Lullingstone rides 03/19, 05/19, 07/19, 09/19, 11/19 £35

SOUTH EAST SADDLES BRIGADE - Your chace to work with the horses!
Every Thursday evening it is mandatory to join the stable magement lesson, this is so we can teach you how to work around horses safely and correctly. We will run through the jobs you may be expected to do when working at the weekend including grooming, mucking out, sweeping, making feeds and haynets.
Thursdays 5pm 2hours £20
You will then come back on either a Saturday or a Sunday and work 8am-12noon and get to ride at 12.

By joining The Pony Club not only can you have great fun learning all about caring for horses but you get to meet lots of new friends and you get free rider insurance!
It's £30 to join which is payable direct to the national club.
Saturday mornings-3 levels-each level of riding will be followed by a theroy lesson

8am riding level - intermediate, must be able to walk and trot independantly and ride circles in walk and trot. This class will teach you to or improve your canter. 
9am theory - each session is 50 minutes, £18 per session or £32 for both sessions

10am riding level - advanced, must be comfortable in walk, trot and canter. This class will teach you to ride shapes in cantre, work without stirrups and work towards jumping.
11am theory - each session is 50 minutes, £19 per session or £33 for both sessions

12noon (11.45 arrive time, allowing time for mounting) - novice, complete beginners on or off lead rein up to learning to canter
12.30pm theory - each session is 30 minutes, £14 each or £22 for both sessions

During the lessons there will be opertunities to be awarded with and collect achievment badges once your instructor feels you are knowledgable about each topic you cover. These sessions will also consist of fun and games and regular team quizes.
If sat mornings do not suit then private lessons can be taken at the normal price.
Each end of term there will be a chance to take your nationally recognised tests which could help you towards a career with horses in the future and also include riding and road safety.
For any more details on what The Pony Club can offer feel free to go to and visit Centre membership


These will be for medium-sized groups of 6-10 riders of similar ability. The purpose of these is to put into practice what you have learned on your lessons, under the watchful eye of your instructor. 

Back to the saddle
Come and join us for a light hearted and fun session back in the saddle. For everybody that used to ride regularly, own a horse or have a loan you will need to be able to trot comfortably for this group lesson and be capable of canter, although if it has been a while, don't worry, you wont be pushed to do anything you are not happy doing.  Be it weekly, monthly or just once in a while we will keep numbers open for now so just let us know at least 24 hours before if you are coming.  £20 per person, 50 minute session (Tuesdays & Fridays 10am)

Gentlemans group ride
The first Thursday of every month at 7pm. All of our gentleman riders are invited to ride together and do some male bonding!!! This is a ight hearted fun ride where riders need to be able to at least, walk, trot and have the basic controls of their horses. 

Beginner jump rally
Including position practice, polework, control and jumping for an introduction to jumping. Every Tuesday at 7pm £20

Intermediate jump rally
With small courses each week this will give you a real taste for showjumping, to improve yourbalance and control around a course of fences. Every Monday 7pm £20

Beginner dressage rally/flat work rally
This will teach you the basics of dressage and improve your comunication with your horse, your balance and confidence. Every Wednesday 7pm £20 

Intermediate Dressage rally
This will teach you more advanced dressage moves and comunication. Some exciting school figues and how to be more acruate when riding a dressage test.Every Thursday 7pm £20

These are games on horseback! Depending on level of riding, it could be a walk race, a canter race or apple bobbing, the only promise will be that it will be fun for riders, horses and spectators!

Mini Jumping Shows
These will get you prepared for the real thing, as and when you are ready. You will learn ringcraft and will be riding a full course of show jumps. Prizes will be awarded.

Days out
We will take horses and riders out in the horseboxes to places such as: Camber sands, Lullingstone Castle, Lingfield

Lullingstone Castle Country Ride
Either meet us at Saddles, Bexley and travel in the horse box to Lullingstone or simply meet us there. With spectacular views and some really good canters, why would you want to miss out, the horses love it and so will you. £35pp

Date to follow
Ever fancied being a jockey? This is your chance to have a go, experience the ground rushing under you at great speeds on Lingfields newly refurbished all weather surface. This is going to be a real thill seeker! 20 pounds per horse for course hire and 30 pounds per horse transport for all horse owners. Riding school clients will be charged at 40 pounds per person.

Camber Sands Beach Ride 
This will take place every couple of months all year round. From April - October we will do evening rides, the horseboxes will leave Slades Stables, Bexley at 5pm either jump in the box, follow in your car or simply meet us down there. Through the winter we can ride on the beach during the day so the horse boxes will leave early in the morning, Depending on tide times. This is something that everybody must have a go at, at some point in their life, your adrenaline will be pumping for days after! £50pp

Cross Country Training Days
Another trip out in the horseboxes. Learn the thrill of jumping logs and water complexes in beautiful country settings. All riders would be fully assessed for their riding ability before being able to take part in these activities.

This is one for riders and non-riders alike. We arrange for a coach to collect us from the yard and go to watch the Christmas horse show at Earls Court where there is also very good horsey shopping too!


Birthday Parties
We can tailor make a birthday party to suit your needs. With party food, party bags and prizes. Lots of fun horsey games as well as games for non- riders.

Stable Management
This is a talk, demonstration and a practical class, so that you may be fully aware of what goes into caring for a horse. This includes tacking up, feeding, grooming, healthcare, costs etc. A must for those considering horse ownership and for parents whose child thinks they can take care of a horse on their own!

ALL OF THE ABOVE EVENTS ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE, with or wothout your own horse, Pony Club and non Pony Club members, people of all agaes and abilities, we aim to cater for everybody. ‚Äč

Prices will vary but will be posted on the website, also ask Carly.